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Medical insurance system in Japan

All residents in Japan must be insured by either "Company's Health Insurance" which you can apply through your company, or "National Health Insurance “which you can apply through your municipalities. When you applied, an insurance card is issued to you and most of your hospital fees are covered by the insurance and you only pay a small portion of the fees.

When you have you be hospitalized due to injury or illness.

National Health Insurance Program

National Health Insurance Program and Members

The members give insurance taxes for a disease and injury.

The program is subsidized by a country and the prefecture.

By all means, the person who does not join other health insurance must join National Health Insurance Program.

Application of the National Health Insurance ( within 14 days)

  1. When the person who joined National Health Insurance in other cities, towns and villages moved into in Katori city.
  2. When you terminate other health insurance.
  3. When a child was born.
  4. When you are not on welfare.
  5. When you get residence entitle more than one year(The people who did alien registration in Katori city).

* The qualification date of the National Health Insurance is the qualification loss date of the former health insurance.

Withdrawal Procedure of the National Health Insurance ( within 14 days)

  1. When you transfer from Katori city to other cities, towns, and villages.
  2. When you join the health insurance of the workplace.
  3. When a member died.
  4. When you would be on welfare.

* Please report it for less than 14 days. If you do not procedure for withdrawal , the National Health Insurance tax has been levied. When you join the health insurance of the workplace, the withdrawal procedure of the National Health Insurance is necessary.

Please inquire for necessary for report in detail.


City office Citizen Section (Shimin Ka)
Tel: 0478-50-1228

Nursing-Care Insurance System

It is covered with the care premium that a person living in katori city 40years or older pays and a country, prefecture, the public money of the city.

When care is recognized as need you can use service depending on the situation in home and an institution.

A user pays the expense that it costs for service for 10% of the expense as a general rule.

The system for 40 years and over

Service is available when recognized being to if care is necessary for a disease of person identification from 40years old to 64years old.

When you want to receive authorization

You can apply at the city office, the branch office.

General consultation window of the elderly person

It is general consultation teller supporting the life of the elderly person including care and the welfare, the medical care.

  • Sawara area inclusion support center (in the City office)
  • Omigawa area inclusion support center(in the Omigawa branch office)


City office Care Welfare section (Kaigofukushi Ka)
Tel: 0478-50-1208

National Pension

A national pension is a system to assist together to live a wealthy, brightly life.

All one 20 years old, younger than 60 years with the address in Japan must join a national pension.

Specifically, look at a Japanese pension mechanism website.

Citizen's Health

The following services are available to the citizens of Katori city for keeping their good health.

Medical Examination

  • Citizen health consultation
  • Vaccination
  • Baby medical examination
  • 1year old six months child medical examination
  • 2years old child dental health examination
  • 3 years old child medical examination
  • Cancer screening, etc.


City office health promoting section(kenkozukuri Ka)
Tel: 0478-50-1235

Child medical expenses furtherance system


City office child care support section (Kosodateshien Ka)
Tel: 0478-50-1257

Medical Checkup

  • The specific medical checkup
  • Short-term complete medical checkup
  • Person of advanced years medical checkup


City office Citizen Section (Shimin Ka)
Tel: 0478-50-1228

When you get sick at night or Sunday, National holidays

Medical treatment are available at the following times and hospital on the phone.

By all means, please take health insurance card.

  • Tel: 0478-83-0800 (Japanese guidance)

Sudden illness telephone consultation of the child

For the fever of the child, You can talk about whether the child is all right ,whether the child should have a medical examination with a doctor willingly when you are troubled.

A nurse and a pediatrician advise it on the telephone.

  • Every day: Open hour is 19:00 - 22:00 / Tel: 043-242-9939
  • From the landline of the push line, a cell-phone / Tel: #8000(without the exchange number)

Chiba emergency care net (

Nursery school and Kindergarten

Nursery school

A Nursery school takes care of small children (between newborn and pre-elementary age) who cannot be taken care by their parents daytime because of nursing fee could vary depending on the income of parents.

There are 13public and 8private nursery schools in the city.


City office Child Care Support Section (Kosodateshien Ka)
Tel: 0478-50-1257


It is a place to educate an infant before the elementary school entrance to school.


City office School Education Section (Gakkokyoiku Ka)
Tel: 0478-50-1239

Elementary school and Junior high school

Compulsory education system in Japan has 9 years period consisting of 6years elementary (age6 - 12) and junior high (age12 - 15) school educations.

The students can proceed to high school, college or university.

The school starts in April and ends next March.

You do not need school fees, but it costs the expenses such as school lunch fees, school things.

A person who has a nationality of foreign country does not have an obligation to enter the Japanese school though. It is possible to enter a municipal school in the city if requested.


City office School Education Section (Gakkokyoiku Ka)
Tel: 0478-50-1239


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