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Registration of Personal Seals and Certificate of Seal Impression

Registration of Personal Seals

Foreign residents in Katori City aged 15 years and over, who have completed Non-Japanese Registration, are able to register their seal.

The person registering the seal must personally present both the desired seal and his/her identification card with photo such as driver's license, the Basic Residents' Register Card with photo, Non-Japanese Registration Certificate.

Please note that some of seals can't be registered because of their size or matelials.

If someone else applies as your representative, the representative is required a proxy and the seal registration card can't be issued on the same day.
We send you an inquiry letter later and identify as your application. After that the registration is to be completed.

Applying for a Seal Impression Certificate

To apply for this certificate, please bring your Seal Registration Certificate (Card) to the Citizen Section (Shimin Ka )of Katori city office, or each branch office.

The fee for this certificate is 300


Katori city office, Citizen Section (Shimin Ka) Tel: 0478-50-1210


Katori city collects garbage by type. Separete your garbage according to type as follows.

Take them using a proper bag to the collection point by 8:00 in the morning on the collection day.

Do not bring your garbage on days other than the collection date.

Please ask in case of a large quantity of garbage.

Burnable Garbage (White bag)

Kitchen garbage, paper waste, grass, plastic plates, paper diapers, leather products, toys, stuffed animals etc.

Plastic Bottles(Green bag)

Please remove caps and labels.

Bottles (Blue bag)

Please remove caps and wash bottles. Beer・1.8 liter bottles must be taken to shops.

Cans (Yellow bag)

Juice cans, condiment aluminum or steel cans etc.

Unburnable (red)

Dishes, household electric appliances (except refrigerators, TV sets, air conditioners, washing machines), glass, metal products etc.


  • Katori city office, Environmental Security Section (Kankyoanzen Ka)
    Tel: 0478-50-1248
  • Affair Association for broad commune surrounding Katori
    Tel: 0478-78-1182

Water Supply , Sewerage, Human Waste

Water Supply

When you use water supply, you must pay for it. Please tell Water Service Section in case of moving or changing user.


  • Katori city office, Water Service Section (Suido Ka)
    Tel: 0478-55-8383


When you use sewerage, you must pay for it.

Please do not dump your wastes into the drain. Ask your landlord or plumber when a drainpipe is clogged. Call City sewage service section for other questions.


  • Katori city office, Sewage Service Section (Gesuido Ka)
    Tel: 0478-54-3521

Human Waste

If you use Japanese old-fashioned toilet at home, please vacuum human waste periodically. Please ask directly these numbers as follow.


  • Residents in Sawara area/Kurimoto area: Katori Seiso Center
    Tel: 0478-52-6244
  • Residents in Omigawa area/Yamada area: Igarashi Company Hokuso Office
    Tel: 0478-78-3014

Payment for Public Utility Charges

Payment of charges for public utilities such as telephones and electricity is accepted at banks, post offices and convenience stores.

You may pay your bills at the locations given above, or choose a bank account transfer (withdrawn from your account automatically).

For an application for bank account transfers, visit a bank office with your bankbook, bills, receipts and your seal for the bankbook.


Railway System

Katori city has 6JR stations and Narita Line and Kashima Line are available. With Narita Line, you can go for Tokyo/Chiba and Choshi; With Kashima Line you can go for Kashima Jingu.

Bus Routes

Katori city has 17 bus routes: 7 routes of community buses that follow circular routes, 3 routes of buses that connect a main station and another in the city, and 7 routes of buses that connect Katori and nearby cities and towns, such as Narita and Tako.

Bus Information (only in Japanese)


Katori city office, Planning and Coordination Section (Kikakuseisaku Ka)
Tel: 0478-50-1206


Liability to pay taxes

All residents of Japan are obligated to pay taxes like other Japanese citizens.

National Tax (income tax)

  • Sawara taxation office
  • Kita 1-4-1 Katori City
  • Tel: 0478-54-1331

Prefectural Tax(automobile tax)

  • Katori prefectural tax office
  • Kita 3-1-3 Katori City
  • Tel: 0478-54-1334)

Municipal Tax

  • Katori City Taxation Section (Zeimu Ka)
  • Tel: 0478-50-1242

Tipe of city duty

Municipal Tax

A tax levied on annual personal income in the previous year.

Taxpayer: An individual who lives in the city as of January 1 and had an income in the previous year, And the reporting must be made during the period of February 16 to March 15.

But the following individuals are exempt from final tax return.

An individual who works for a company and his or her tax payment report has already been submitted to the municipality by his or her employer.

Municipal property tax and City planning tax

A tax levied your own land and buildings.

Taxpayer: An individual who lives in the city and owns lands and buildings as of January 1.

Light Motor Vehicle Tax

A tax levied to light motor vehicles, motorbikes, etc.

Taxpayer: One year taxation is levied on individuals who own a light motor vehicle, motorbike and the like as of April 1. The payment for the tax made in every May.

National Health Insurance Tax

It is the tax that a person joining National Health Insurance costs.

Taxpayer: The head of a family.

The amount of a tax is fixed according to income of the last year.


City office Tax Practice Section(Zeimu Ka)
Tel: 0478-50-1228

The payment of tax

You must pay tax by deadline when you get report of payment.

You may pay it to either City office, banking facilities , direct debit.

When you do not pay a tax by deadline, a reminder and a notification report are sent and will receive disposition for failure to pay taxes such as the seizure of the property.

Penalty is added from the day of the deadline. In addition, a demand fee is 50 yen.


City office Tax Payment Section (Nozei Ka)
Tel: 0478-50-1205


For move into city, or move out from the city or relocation within the city , the head of family change ,you must take the following procedures.

Please report transference at the city office within 14days after living.

When it is transferred to the suburbs, we can issue a notification of change of residence.

By all means you need it when you move.

Please bring ID as driver's licenses etc.


City office Citizen Section (shimin Ka)
Tel: 0478-50-1210


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