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 About each item, we recommend you to ask someone understands both Japanese and English (or your mother language) before you ask us.

The sight of Katori City

Don't you see the sights of the city you have you know Katori city more, and to be able to spend it happily? Look at website sightseeing information.


English,Chinese(Traditional),Chinese(Simplified),Korean version
http://www.city.katori.lg.jp/sightseeing/multilingual/index.html (Link)

Japanese version

http://www.city.katori.lg.jp/sightseeing/index.html (Link)


外部サイトへリンク 新規ウインドウで開きます。http://www.suigo-sawara.ne.jp/abroad.html(外部サイト)

Katori International friendship association

Welcome to KIFA!
If you are interested in international exchange, please contact us!
We have four divisions in order to smoothly manage our activities: Language Activities, Volunteer Interpreter, Cultural Exchange and Friendship, and General Affairs &Study. with various experiences.

Language Activities division

In this division, we offer foreigners Japanese classes. There are six volunteer instructors to teach Japanese.
Though al instructors had better learn how to teach Japanese, we give chances to inexperienced volunteers to teach. They learn from textbook for new teachers.
If you are interested in teaching and willing to study hard, join our division.
Most students are from Middle East Asia (Vietnam, China, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and India).
They are mainly trainees of companies and women married to Japanese men.
There are some students who attend only a couple of classes, so we are warried about how to keep students interested.
Feel free to visit the class. The classes are held every Sunday, through 10:30 to 12:30, at Sawara Chuo Kominkan.

Volunteer Interpreter Division

We guide tourists from foreign countries around historic spots of Sawara (free of charge). We share the joy of discovering the nostalgic atmosphere about Sawara with foreigners by walking, boat-riding, visiting cafes & restaurants and shopping.
We hold the English conversation classes as we call "Living English in Katori" for the citizens of Katori City. There are 10 lessons in a year, and each lesson is given by a native speaker of English. We are very much delighted to see more and more people come to learn English conversation year by year.
Sawara Grand Festivals are held, twice a year, Friday, Saturday and Sunday on the weekend of July when Friday first fall on two digit day and Friday, Saturday and Sunday on the second weekend of October. During these festival days, we volunteer to help the foreigners enjoy the Sawara Grand Festival, doing research for tourism by means of questionnaires.
In addition, we will do all possible assistance to the requests from local activity groups: watching work to traffic-free zone during iris-flower festivals in June and sales assistance to Bon Festival promoted by Okamisan-kai (shopkeeper's wives association) and others.
We translate shop brochures and restaurant menus into English. We also publish tourist leaflets in English version, which can be renewed every year, and distribute them to the reception desks at Narita Airport and some hotels in Narita City.

Cultural Exchange and Friendship Division

Let's enjoy ourselves with various experiences.
We plan events and help you make friends with people living in this area and from overseas.
For someone who wants to stay with Japanese families, we help find host families and support them.

If you are interested in international exchange, please contact us!

General Affairs & Study Division

The main clerical part of work leans to City's Branch of the Civic Activities Facilitation: the acceptance of foreign tourists with assistance of interpretation service, the acceptance and registering of volunteers, the summons of the regular general meeting and other junior meetings.
The activities by the volunteering members include the exchanging of the other organizations of neighboring cities, the issuing of the newsletters and sightseeing brochures in English version and the practice of the training activities.
The Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics will be held in Tokyo in 2020. We will be asked to take part in the varying training activities. Being ready for the call from authorities of Chiba Prefecture, we should train new members.

Main event

KIFA International exchange party, Tea ceremony, English conversation classes, Japanese classes.


Katori city Friend ship Association secretariat
〒287-8501 Sawara-Ro2127, Katori City, Chiba, Japan
E-mail: shimin10@city.katori.lg.jp
Phone(Staff Directory):080-6650-5931(in English)

City libraries and Community Centers

City libraries

  • Sawara central library (Sawara-i 211 / Tel: 0478-55-1343)
  • Omigawa library (Hanegawa 38 / Tel: 0478-80-0511)
  • Yamada book room (nagaoka1303-2 / Tel: 0478-78-4431)
  • Kurimoto book room (Iwabe 700 / Tel: 0478-75-1100)

Look at the homepage of the library.

Community Centers

Various lectures and entertainments for learning of local inhabitants are held.

In addition, it is used as a place of the activity of a voluntary circle.

  • Sawara central Community Center (Sawara-i 211 / Tel: 0478-55-1151)
  • Yamada Community Center (Nagaoka1303-2 / Tel: 0478-78-4431)

Cultural, Tourist Facilities and Sports Facilities

Cultural, Tourist Facilities

Sports Facilities

  • Katori-City Gymnasium (Sawara-i 211 / Tel: 0478-55-1290)
  • Yodaura Sports Park (Tsunomiya4992-85 / Tel: 0478-55-1290)
  • Sawara Baseball Park (Sawara-i 1077 / Tel: 0478-55-1290)
  • Sawara Tennis Court (Sawara-i 1077 / Tel: 0478-55-1290)
  • Sawara riverbed green tract of land (Sawara-Ro 2112 / Tel: 0478-55-1290)
  • Tamatsukuri Tennis Court (Tamatsukuri734-1 / Tel: 0478-55-1290)
  • Omigawa Sports Community Center (Omigawa5218 / Tel: 0478-83-0101)
  • Omigawa B&G Ocean Center (Omigawa4866-736 / Tel: 0478-82-1000)
  • Kurobe Sports Park (Omigawa4866-109 / Tel: 0478-82-0101)
  • OmigawaSports riverbed green tract of land (Yokaichiba sight frontage / Tel: 0478-83-0101)
  • Yamada B&G Ocean Center (Nira 361-2 / Tel: 0478-78-3204)
  • Yamada Central SportsPark (Nira 361 / Tel: 0478-78-3204)
  • Yamakura Sports Park (Otogari 1545-1 / Tel: 0478-78-3204)
  • Yatsu Sports Park (Omi 64 / Tel: 0478-78-3204)
  • Kurimoto B&G Ocean Center (Iwabe1045-1 / Tel: 0478-75-3311)
  • Kurimoto Sports Park (Iwabe1045-1 / Tel: 0478-75-3311)
  • Kurimoto multi-purpose lawn park (Iwabe5051 / Tel: 0478-75-3311)


秘書広報課 広報広聴班
〒287-8501 千葉県香取市佐原ロ2127番地 (市役所4階)