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The sight of Katori City

Don't you see the sights of the city you have you know Katori city more, and to be able to spend it happily? Look at website sightseeing information.


English,Chinese(Traditional),Chinese(Simplified),Korean version
http://www.city.katori.lg.jp/sightseeing/multilingual/index.html (Link)

Japanese version

http://www.city.katori.lg.jp/sightseeing/index.html (Link)


外部サイトへリンク 新規ウインドウで開きます。http://www.suigo-sawara.ne.jp/abroad.html(外部サイト)

Katori city Friend ship society

Katori city Friend ship society is founded to encourage their citizens to take a leadership in promoting international exchange.

It provides a lot of opportunities them to communicate with foreigners through such activities as issuing information paper.

Anyone can become a member and enjoy international exchange.

Main event

Japanese classroom, International exchange party, The meeting which a tea break


Katori city Friend ship society secretariat
E-mail: shimin10@city.katori.lg.jp

City libraries and Community Centers

City libraries

  • Sawara central library (Sawara I 211 / Tel: 0478-55-1343)
  • Omigawa library (Hanegawa38 / Tel: 0478-80-0511)

Look at the homepage of the library.

Community Centers

Various lectures and entertainments for learning of local inhabitants are held.

In addition, it is used as a place of the activity of a voluntary circle.

  • Sawara central Community Center (Sawara I 211 / Tel: 0478-55-1151)
  • Yamada Community Center (Nagaoka1303-2 / Tel: 0478-78-4431)
  • Kurimoto Community Center (Iwabe 3447 / Tel: 0478-75-2171)

Cultural, Tourist Facilities and Sports Facilities

Cultural, Tourist Facilities

Sports Facilities

  • KatoriCity Gymnasium (Sawara I 211 / Tel: 0478-55-1290)
  • Yodaura Sports Park (Tsunomiya4992-85 / Tel: 0478-55-1290)
  • Sawara Baseball Park (Sawara I 1077 / Tel: 0478-55-1290)
  • Sawara Tennis Court (Sawara I 1077 / Tel: 0478-55-1290)
  • Sawara riverbed green tract of land (Sawara Ro 2112 / Tel: 0478-55-1290)
  • Tamatsukuri Tennis Court (Tamatsukuri734-1 / Tel: 0478-55-1290)
  • Omigawa Sports Community Center (Omigawa5218 / Tel: 0478-83-0101)
  • Omigawa B&G Ocean Center (Omigawa4866-736 / Tel: 0478-82-1000)
  • Kurobe Sports Park (Omigawa4866-109 / Tel: 0478-82-0101)
  • OmigawaSports riverbed green tract of land (Yokaichiba sight frontage / Tel: 0478-83-0101)
  • Yamada B&G Ocean Center (Nira 361-2 / Tel: 0478-78-3204)
  • Yamada Central SportsPark (Nira 361 / Tel: 0478-78-3204)
  • Yamakura Sports Park (Otogari 1545-1 / Tel: 0478-78-3204)
  • Yatsu Sports Park (Omi 64 / Tel: 0478-78-3204)
  • Kurimoto B&G Ocean Center (Iwabe1045-1 / Tel: 0478-75-3311)
  • Kurimoto Sports Park (Iwabe1045-1 / Tel: 0478-75-3311)
  • Kurimoto multi-purpose lawn park (Iwabe5051 / Tel: 0478-75-3311)


総務企画部 秘書広報課 広報広聴班

〒287-8501 千葉県香取市佐原ロ2127番地 (市役所4階)