Graphic Data

The Museum provides digital graphics of popular materials among 2,345 items of National Treasures.

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They may be utilized for any personal purposes such as individual research, and self-leaning, etc.

Anyone wishing to use any of these graphics for TV pragmas, publication, etc., is requested to write clearly: “Owned by the Inoh Tadataka Museum, Katori City, Chiba, Japan”.

Please note that the downloadable graphics may change without any notice.

▲ Semicircular Pelorus

▲ Odometer

▲ The Portrait of Inoh Tadataka

▲ Large Sized Map:Atsumi Peninsula and Environs

▲ The Instruction of Surveying - The Latter Part

▲ Quadrant (medium)

▲ Quadrant (small)

▲ Wan-Kara-Shin (small pelorus attached to surveying pole)

▲ Suiyou-Kyugi (pendulum chronograph to measure longitude)

▲ Suiyou-Kyugi (pendulum chronograph to measure longitude)

▲ Monocular for Observing Solar and Lunar Eclipse

▲ Special Large Sized Map:Hachijojima Island

▲ Map of Scenic Point: Lake Biwa

▲ Map of Scenic Point: The Itsukushima Shrine and Environs

▲ Middle Sized Map:Mt. Fuji and and Environs

▲ Middle Sized Map:Northern Tohoku

▲ Large Sized Map:Hachirogata and Environs

▲ Large Sized Map:Mt. Chokai and Environs

▲ Large Sized Map:Sado Island

▲ Large Sized Map:Oshika Peninsula and Environs

▲ Large Sized Map:Izu Peninsula and Environs

▲ Small Sized Map:The First Survey of Hokkaido in 1800