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 Mr.Tadataka, Sawara-Bayashi, Museum Shop


The contents of exhibition maps and books of Mr.Tadataka
address 1903, Sawara-I, Katori City
phone 0478-52-4362
open 10:00-18:00
shop holiday Mondays

Relax Station of Town

 The books about Inoh Tadataka,the atlas of Japan made by him and the CDs of Sawara festivals are sold.
 We can also serve you the best dishes and drinks during your relaxing time.


Kinokuni-Ya Pottery Shop

 Tools of Good Old Days Museum

Kinokuni-Ya Pottery Shop

The contents of exhibition Sho-chiku-bai (the Pine trees-Bamboo-Plum blossoms)inkstone
address 1717, Sawara-I, Katori City
phone 0478-52-2369
open 9:00-18:00
shop holiday Wednesdays

One Century with the dishes - the Retro and New Shop

 Our shop, retrospective but modern, was established a century ago as a shop selling table ware.
 These things are what the founder of the Sawara shop collected and used in his everyday life.
 Everylhing might have been inconvenient in those days, but it now appears to us that the people then might have been living fruitful and tranquil lives.


Namiki-Nakanosuke Shop

 The Gentle Space, Flavor Invites

Namiki-Nakanosuke Shop

The contents of exhibition a wall clock, a tobacco tray
address 502, Sawara-I, Katori City
phone 0478-52-2585
open 9:00-17:00
shop holiday not regular

The Gentle Space

 The sound of tick-tock, tick-tock is such a nostalgic, sweet sound, a good BGM!
 Refresh yourselves in the interior of the shop, which reminds you of the periods of Meiji and Taisho.
 "This clock must be one of those 30 clocks that Seiko Company, the biggest watchmaker in Japan, manufactured in those days," said a visitor to our shop, who was once a staff member of the Seiko company, adding "Keep this clock moving for a long time." Even now this clock is a good shop assistant.
 The tobacco tray is used for burning incense now.


Shalom Nakatora

 The Interest Museum

Shalom Nakatora

The contents of exhibition paintings by Mr. Akiyoshi Miyoshi
address 3398, Sawara-I, Katori City
phone 0478-52-3157
open 10:00-18:00
shop holiday not regular

Paintings by Mr. Akiyoshi Miyoshi

Mr. Akiyoshi Miyoshi (1903-1995)

 1942 He was awarded at the Shun-yo-kai exhibition and became a member of the society.
 1965 He held his solo exhibition in Mexico City. Since then,he continued his exhibitions in Mexico, Tokyo and other cities every year,and displayed his works in several exhibitions.
 1992 He exhibited one of his great works in the Ichi-yo-kai exhibition in the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Art.
 1993 He visited Sawara and painted a lot of pictures.
 You can see his seven paintings in which the impressive views of Sawara are drawn.



 Good Old, Relax Museum


The contents of exhibition collection of demon tile and kimono
address 1717, Sawara-I, Katori City
phone 0478-52-4515
open 10:30-18:30
shop holiday Mondays (occasionally Monday-Tuesday)

Welcom to Our Hometown!

 We have an art gallery which exhibits Sawara Ha-ri-ko (animals, dolls and masks molded in paper), Sawara porcelain, and traditional craftworks, and handicraft works by Sawara citizens. A rental space for exhibitions is available.
 Enjoy drinking coffee or tea in the cafe room whose ceiling is supported by thick wooden beams and decorative posts, equipped with a superb audio effect.



 Craftsman of cakes


The contents of exhibition collection of wood patterns for Japanese cookies
address 1717, Sawara-I, Katori City
phone 0478-52-2413
open 8:30-18:30
shop holiday Wednesdays

Seasonable Japanese and Western Cakes


Liquor shop JOHSHU-YA

 Sawara, from right to left


The contents of exhibition old publicity posters, signboards and several cubic caskets
address 490-5, Sawara-I, Katori City
phone 0478-52-3305
open 8:30-20:00
shop holiday none

Let's stroll around Sawara, relaxingly, slowly and energetically

 You can appreciate some old publicity posters, several cubic caskets of sa-ke for festivities, and a sign-board of Sho-chiku-bai (the Pine trees-Bamboo-Plum blossoms), a brand of a famous brewery of sa-ke, portraying ISHIHARA, Yujiro, a movie star at the height of his popularity in the 1960s -1980s.
 Take your time in looking at these displays.
 Let's stroll around Sawara, relaxingly, slowly and energetically.



 Mud-Walled Warehouse Museum


The contents of exhibition a origami bird of connected cranes (June - December)
address 1720, Sawara-I, Katori City
phone 0478-55-0028
open 9:00-18:30
shop holiday Wednesdays (open at national horidays)

Cranes Made From One Piece Of Japanese Paper

 The 'Ren-zuru' (a big flock of connected cranes) is folded with a single piece of paper and can be transformed into various types of flocks of cranes by ways of drafting and using scissors.
 The cranes displayed in the shop were made by our grandfather (the third shop owner) were introduced on a TV program .


Liquor shop TAKAHASHI

 Heartful Hospitality Museum

Liquor shop TAKAHASHI

The contents of exhibition good old posters and pot
address 711, Sawara-I, Katori City
phone 0478-52-2830
open 8:30-21:00
shop holiday Sundays

a Retrospective Atmosphere of the time when established in Meiji period

 The posters of sake (Japanese spirit) in the twenties of Showa period.
 The ceramic pots for holding warm sake which was dehvered directly to the customers, around the early years of Showa.
 The shopfront preserving a retrospective atmosphere of the times when the shop was established in the 42nd year of Meiji
 We would like to have a good time chatting with a smile and a warm heart.


Kanehei Public Bath

 Warm and Retoro Bath Museum

Kanehei Public Bath

The contents of exhibition retro public bath
address 622, Sawara-I, Katori City
phone 0478-52-3547
open 15:00-23:00
shop holiday every 1st,15th

Mild Warm Water and Warm Mind

 When walking through the Noren(a shop curtain),you can feel the atomosphere of the times when this bath house started around 100 years ago.
 Even now, this bath house is supplied with the ground water pumped up from the three wells and is heated by the firewood. The ground water is much milder and takes more time to cool down than the city water.
 Bathe in the mild, warm bath and make your heart warmer. After your comR)rtable bathing, you can have a supreme time with a bottle of cold milk.


商工観光課 観光班

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