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Mercer Fukushin

 Time Warp Museum


a Fantastic and Nostalgic Space

 Established in the year of Bunka (1804), we are proud of our shop front and a warehouse in the courtyard behind the shop which was designated as a cultural asset by the Prefectural government.
 In one corner of the shop is a space for the exhibition of old tools and kimonos.
 During the seasons of the Girls' and Boys' Festivals, a set of old dolls are displayed in that corner.
 Standing in the courtyard, you might drift off into another world. Our shop has been used as the background of many films and TV dramas.
 You can feel such a fantastic and nostalgic mood inside the shop.

The Contents of exhibition a warehouse, courtyard, space for exhibition
address 505, Sawara-I, Katori City
phone 0478-52-3030
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open 9:30-18:00
shop holiday no regular holiday


Tokushima-Ya Hardware Shop

 Flavored Antique Museum

Tokushima-Ya Hardware Shop

The Contents of exhibition antique
address 508, Sawara-I,Katori City
phone 0478-52-2181
open 8:00-18:00
shop holiday Sundays, national holidays

Pieces of Flavored Antique

 The charcoal-table, long tobacco pipes and big dishes were found in the depth of our warehouse built 250 or 260 years ago. A pitcher with a faucet (it is an interesting item but we cannot find how and what this pitcher was used for). Enjoy taking a look at these strange but interesting items.


flower shop KATORI

 Colors of Flowers

flower shop KATORI

The Contents of exhibition the four seasons at our shop
address 517-7, Sawara-I, Katori City
phone 0478-52-2367
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open 9:00-20:00
shop holiday none

Does'nt seem to be a Flower Shop at first sight

 Three generations have worked at this flower shop since my grandmother started her business, pulling a hand cart loaded with flowers.
 Dealing in flowers, we can perceive the arrival of each season faster than anyone else can.
 We intend to make every possible effort to develop our business in which the perception of the four seasons is greatly valued.
 You can choose any kind of flowers out of our best selections for you, beside the ones distributed at the flower markets. You can buy the vegetable flowers my mother raises on her farm, some of which may be diffrcult for you to find in the urban areas.
 We are looking forward to your visit.


Ueda-Ya Variety Store

 Can be found Good Old Flavor


The Contents of exhibition literature and amusement of Taisho Period
address 1901, Sawara-I, Katori City
phone 0478-52-2669
open 12:00-16:30
shop holiday none

The town where INO Tatadaka lived

 In the Taisho Period, the shop owner, who lived here, invited a school teacher to teach his son (15 years old at the time) some school subjects in the evening. The time schedule, textbooks and toys used by the child are displayed on the shelves.
 Although Sawara was a town forcusing on commerce, there were still quite a few great scholors and school teachers. Even though Sawara was a rural town, the culture was surprisingly deep.



 museum of handmade earpicks


The Contents of exhibition handmade earpicks
address 504, Sawara-I, Katori City
phone 0478-52-2588
open 10:00-18:00
shop holiday not regular

Art of handmade works

handmade earpicks

 You can see the hand works of earpicks. And you can order custom-make earpicks for your own.


Coffee Chibuan Ino

 Mozaemon Museum

Coffee Chibuan Ino

The Contents of exhibition fixture, antique of Edo Period
address 1721-12, Sawara-I, Katori City
phone 0478-52-2335
open 10:00-17:00
shop holiday not regular

Coffee House where the Flavor of Edo Period can be found

 Many items is displayed in the room, such as the sliding doors of maple wood along one side of the room where Mito Komon (the second lord of Mito domain) spent a night, the openwork screens of zelkova set above the partitions between rooms, the iron covers of the thick nails, the concave round finger-catches of the papered sliding doors (elaborately carved), the Tang-styled tobacco tray made during the years of Tenpo (1830-), and Japan wares, porcelain, vases, hilts of the swords dating back to Edo Period.
 Enjoy appreciating these items over a cup of tea.


Saeki Clothes Store

 Nostalgic cut-out works Museum

Saeki Clothes Store

The Contents of exhibition cut-out work plotting views of Sawara
address 606, Sawara-I, Katori City
phone 0478-52-3352
open 9:00-19:00
shop holiday Wednesdays

cut-out work plotting views of Sawara

 Our shop front may look like a traditional clothing shop. However, once you walk in through its door, you may be surprised to see the fantastic ki-ri-es (paper cut-out pictures) displayed on the walls.
 Those ki-ri-es which depict the things in Sawara, such as the old townscape, festival floats, and iris flowers have had a great response from the visitors to our shop. Many of the ki-ri-es by Mr. Noguchi have been printed on wrapping paper and used as the illustrations in various booklets and magazines.




The Contents of exhibition The traditional Japanese inn
address 498, Sawara-I, Katori City
phone 0478-52-2814

The traditional Japanese inn

 The traditional Japanese inn.


Abumo Edible Oil Refinery

 The Flavor of the late Edo Period

Abumo Edible Oil Refinery

The Contents of exhibition long chest, cash box etc.
address 3398, Sawara-I, Katori City
phone 0478-52-3438
open 9:00-19:00
shop holiday not regular

A 350-year Tradition

 It is traditionally believed that our grandmother, who was born in a samurai family, brought this long chest with her when she married and moved into her husband's home in the late Edo Period. It may have been filled with futon sets and other beddings for her.
 The cash box has an opening for inserting coins on its upper surface. You can make out the inscription of the era name of 'Ansei(1854-)' on the back of the box.
 The special safe for storing important documents has a pair of cords so you can carry the safe out on your back in case of flfe. It was also made during the years of 'Ansei'.


Tamazawa Futon

 Bonsai Stone with the Utmost Care

Tamazawa Futon

The Contents of exhibition bonsai stone and bonsai
address 3401, Sawara-I, Katori City
phone 0478-52-3755
open 9:00-11:30 15:00-19:00
shop holiday Wednesdays

the Luster and Color of Original Stone

 Sui-Sekis(Water-Stones or Bonsai Stone)need sprinkling water on them every day in order to cultivate their origina luster and color.This process is called“Stone Culture.”You can see a lot of selected Sui-Sekis:stones called Seta-gawa, Kamo'gawa, Saji'gawa,Kamui-kotan,Kamanashi-gawa,Kotaro,Kuji-gawa,Hakkai-san,Yohei.
 We also show a lot of painstakingly cultivated bonsais of miniature pine trees and other miscellaneous trees.


商工観光課 観光班

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